Interview: Liam Hemsworth’s with Men’s Health

As we told you previously Liam Hemsworth is featured on the cover of the September issue of Men’s Health.  Thanks to USA Today, we have a look at more of the accompanying article in which Liam talks about The Hunger Games, Expendables 2 and so much more.

On his grueling workouts with a Navy SEAL and following the Paleo Diet to prepare for his role in The Hunger Games: “My character was spending most of his life in a state of hunger, and I wanted to get a sense of that, physically and mentally.”

training for The Hunger Games: “I literally had to wait a half hour after each session before I drove anywhere, I had to lay on the ground until I could breathe properly again.”

On changing his diet to prepare for The Hunger Games: “It was tough because I’m an eater. If I have one addiction in life, it’s probably food.”

On the star-studded cast of The Expendables 2: “There wasn’t the testosterone or ego you might expect on a set like that. Everyone was so cool and professional.”

On the moment when Jean-Claude Van Damme unexpectedly kicked him in the chest during the filming of The Expendables 2:“It was a present from him, in a weird way. I was honored to be kicked by him.”

Source: USA Today via Hunger Games DWTC

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