US Fanbases Attend The Hunger Games DVD Private Screening from Lionsgate

HG Girl On Fire Report:

So today I, Amie (@jeamiemarie), was lucky enough to be invited to the Lionsgate Screening Room in Santa Monica along with our other favorite fansites to get a sneak peek at The Hunger Games DVD Special Features! And what a surprise when our very own Foxface,Jackie Emerson, walked into the small private screening to chat and hang out with us all! CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO OF JACKIE TO YOU BELOW!!

All I can say is expect big things from the special features, new interviews, a ‘Tribute Diaries’ segment, an inside look at the special effects and designing The Capitol, Effie’s makeup and more! A soon as I can I’ll post a review of the 3 hours of footage for you all to read!Now this is IMPORTANT! THINGS HUNGER GAMES FANS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE DVD! Best Buy, Target, Costco, Wal-Mart, and ITunes will all have different EXCLUSIVE DVD sets with their own exclusive features, below I have posted pics and info about all your options! Pre-Order now if you Can!

Nightlock?? What exactly is LionsGate up to??

The Hunger Games DVD Box set ONLY AVAILABLE AT COSTCO. Includes a Keychain, Parachute Necklace, D12 Tribute backpack, & DVD+ Bonus Features+Digital Copy

The Hunger Games DVD Box set ONLY AVAILABLE at BEST BUY! This set is a 4 Disc special edition with exclusive Special Features and a limited Edition Hunger Games Collectible inside! This is a VERY LIMITED box set they told us!

ONLY AVAILABLE at Target! The Hunger Games 3 disc DVD set that included one hour of EXTRA Bonus Features NO OTHER DVD SET WILL HAVE!

The Hunger Games DVD+Bonus Features ONLY AVAILABLE AT WAL-Mart! Exclusive Features AND it comes with a MOCKINGJAY PIN! AWESOME!

Which DVD set are you going to buy????????

Special Thanks to Jackie Emerson, our good friends at Lionsgate, and our good friends from Down With The CapitolMockingjay.netWelcome to and special shout out to the people we missed today! HG Fireside ChatThe Hob, and My Hunger Games.

Thanks to HG Girl On Fire for the tips!

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