Jena Malone Responds to Being Cast as Johanna Mason: “On top of the world…”

After almost a month of speculation, yesterday Lionsgate finally confirmed that Jena Malone has officially been cast as Johanna Mason in Catching Fire,  And Jena is just as excited as we are at the announcement.  She posted the below photo to her instagram account yesterday.


Be sure to follow Jena on instagram and keep up with all her updates!  You can also check out her uploads via webstagram.

Source: Hunger Games DWTC 


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  1. My son and that i are testing the waters and I’m helping him build an incredibly simple side scroller.

  2. Congratulations. That’s quite spectacular must have taken a lot of work!

  3. This is f­ucking bulls­hit

  4. Yum! I’m able to almost taste these delectable dishes.

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