Catching Fire Casting Call 2012 begin!

Kalian penasaran kira-kira siapa yang akan menempati tokoh-tokoh yang masih kosong untuk Catching Fire tahun depan? Beberapa hari yang lalu Lionsgate mengumumkan melalui bahwa Casting Call telah dimulai. Nantinya pihak Lionsgate akan memanggil calon pemeran-pemeran di Catching Fire untuk mengikuti audisi.

Berikut beberapa persyaratannya :

  1. Johanna Mason, female, sarcastic and often cruel victor from District 7.
  2. Beetee and Wiress, an older couple, dark hair, pale skin from District 3, very smart.
  3. Finnick Odair, male, mid-20′s, very handsome, tall, tan skin, bronze hair, green eyes.
  4. Blight, male, mid-20′s, mentor and tribute District 7. Won a previous Hunger Games.
  5. Romulus Thread, male, mid 30′s – 40′s, new Head Peacekeeper of District 12.
  6. Twill, female, mid-30′s, teacher, escapes to District 12 where she meet Katniss.
  7. Bonnie, female, 17, crooked teeth, chocolate brown eyes, escapes to District 12 with Twill.
  8. Wiress, female, 40ish, tribute from District 3, dark hair, pale skin.
  9. Bristel, female, 17-19, miner in District 12.
  10. Leevy, female, 17ish, dark hair, gray eyes, Katniss’ neighbor from District 12.
  11. Cashmere, female, late 20′s, classic beauty, long blond curls, arrogant District 1 tribute.
  12. Gloss, male, mid-20′s, Cashmere’s brother. Mentor, victor, career tribute.
Tributes berminat?

Informasi lebih lanjut baca disini :  here


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