“Expendables 2” Trailer Movie starring Liam Hemsworth

Seperti yang sudah kita post kemarin, tentang teaser film Expendables 2. Tepat pada hari ini Lionsgate merilis trailer dari film tersebut! Film ini akan tayang 17 Agustus 2012. Yeay! Go Team Gale!

The movie returns Stallone’s crew of aging action stars — including Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham Randy Couture and Terry Crews — as a band of mercenaries who constantly get in over their heads with trouble. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger are back, armed with bigger roles and bigger guns, than they had in 2010’s “The Expendables.”

“I’m back,” says Schwarzenegger’s Trench — a line action fans have been waiting to hear ever since he ditched showbiz for politics.

If that weren’t enough machismo for one sequel, Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme are also on board. Van Damme plays the film’s big baddie, and judging by the trailer, gets to kick Stallone around in a climactic fight sequence.

“Six pounds of pure plutonium is powerful enough to change the balance of the world. Imagine what five tons will do,” says Van Damme’s aptly named character, Jean Vilain, apparently tipping us off to the plot of “The Expendables 2.”

This time the team gets some new blood from Chinese actress Nan Yu, as a martial arts expert, and young whippersnapper Liam Hemsworth as a rookie sniper.

“It was pretty nerveracking to be sitting there and have all eyes on me the first day and be like, ‘C’mon kid, show us what you got,’ ” Hemsworth told The News in March.


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