“The Hunger Games Hasn’t Changed My Life” – Josh Hutcherson

Siapa sangka, aktor terkenal seperti Josh Hutcherson yang membintangi film terlaris, Hunger Games ternyata tidak membuat dirinya berubah. Dikutip dari CinemaCon 2012, Josh mengaku Hunger Games sama sekali tidak mengubah hidupnya! Mengapa begitu yah? Mari simak wawancara reporter LA di ComicCon 2012 :

“Everyone was telling me that my whole world was going to change and I couldn’t go anywhere or it’d be too crazy.”

How does Hutcherson handle the spotlight and being followed by the paparazzi?

“I think sometimes when people get in the spotlight, they feel like they have to act and behave a certain way to live up to what people expect of them,” he said. “For me, I’m just going to be myself and live my life the way I’m going to. I’m not going to let paparazzi determine the way I live.”

With Catching Fire starting to film this August Hutcherson has yet to speak with Francis Lawrence, who is taking the place of director from Gary Ross.

“I have heard from literally everyone that he’s the nicest man alive, so I’m really excited to work with him,” Hutcherson said, adding that he’s a big fan of Lawrence’s “I Am Legend” but has yet to watch the filmmaker’s most recent movie, “Water for Elephants.”


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